Linkages Prevention Toolkit

Prevention Toolkit

This toolkit helps you explore Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Prevention activities you can provide via your Linkages team.  You’ll find tools and guidance on how to get Linkages related Prevention activities up and running. You can match the formatting and look of the other toolkit pages.

Linkages Primary Prevention

Linkages Primary Prevention refers to the activities that promote child and family well-being on behalf of applicants for and recipients of CalWORKs. Information and materials developed for the general public are adapted for and targeted to CalWORKs families in order to promote child and family well-being.

Target population: All CalWORKs families

Protective Factors ACIN

Protective Factors Brochure in  English

Protective Factors Brochure in Spanish

Linkages Secondary Prevention

Linkages Secondary Prevention refers to activities provided on behalf of families who have active CalWORKs cases and one or more risk factors associated with compromised well-being or child maltreatment, such as poverty, parental substance abuse, young parental age, parental mental health concerns, exposure to violence, and parental or child disabilities and who have been referred to Child Welfare Services but who have not had a Child Welfare case established.

Target population: Families who may be receiving CalWORKs services such as Family Stabilization services or CalWORKs Home visiting services or have been referred by their Child Welfare Worker for Differential Response through a community-based provider. In addition, families who have been referred to Child Welfare who are not receiving CalWORKs but would benefit from a referral to CalWORKs. Linkages activities consist of aligning and coordinating early intervention services that the families have been referred to.

Linkages Tertiary Prevention

Linkages Tertiary Prevention focuses on families with children who have experienced maltreatment and have an open CWS case as well as an open CalWORKs case. The goals of Linkages services are to coordinate service plans and resources from both systems AND to work collaboratively to provide services and supports that will reduce the negative consequences of the maltreatment and prevent further maltreatment, while the family continues to address poverty related issues. Ultimately, the overall objective is that these joint services, supports, and resources prevent re-entry into the CWS and alleviate economic stressors.

Target population: Tertiary target populations all have an open CalWORKs case or are eligible to receive CalWORKs benefits. Families and/or individuals transitioning out of a program or from one program to another, the primary activity will involve planning for moving forward. More specific content to be added.